Color Options for Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A house is not just a building or a construction; it is a shelter. This being so, it is important to use a strong and protective type of metal roofing for one’s house to preserve the sanctuary of people living in it. If you are aiming to construct a house that indeed shelters people from the sun and nasty weather, then installing standing seam metal roofing can be one of the greatest options.

A standing seam roofing system is composed of upright panels of metal, where each panel has two seams that are positioned vertically. When these seams are pressed together, the joint is sealed, which also avoids water leaks from the roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

This system is composed of hard-wearing metal roofing materials like aluminum, copper metal shingles and stainless steel, which are used by a lot of architects because of their durability and resistance to harmful environmental forces. They are fire-resistant and waterproof. But despite this, the standing seam roofing is still lightweight. As a matter of fact, most standing seam roofing manufacturers claim that their products can last to more than half a century given that they are installed properly under the supervision of professional service-providers. Like other metal roofs, it does not require monthly maintenance because it offers years of trouble-free performance.

Standing seam galvanized metal roofing is also corrosion resistant. Metal roof panels are coated with aluminum, zinc or aluminum-zinc alloy to help prevent rusting.

Another benefit of this type of roofing system is the fact that standing seam roofs are available in a wide range of attractive colors. Not only do these colors make the roof stylish, they also pave way for better heat conduction. By using light-colored metal roofing colors, heat is minimized. This is because light-colored Energy Star rated roofs can reflect back heat coming from the sun.

There are different attractive color choices for your standing seam metal roofing. Some of the popular colors are patina green (inspired from the natural look of copper roofs!), terracotta, sandstone, solar white, regal white, hemlock green, colonial red, burgundy, sierra tan, slate gray, dark bronze, matted black, silver and copper (this time – the bronze look of new copper!).

A lot of commercial buildings are frequently installed with blue-colored standing seam because of the attractive design and heat-conducting ability. However, if you want to attract more customers for your own business, you may want to install a bright-colored metal roof. This roof is easily noticeable and it may be used as a landmark that your clients can use to locate your building.

Residential buildings, on the other hand, often use simpler, neutral colors. This is because they do not want to attract too much attention in the neighborhood, most especially among thieves.

Here are some relevant tips on choosing the best standing seam metal roofing for your building:

  • Seek advice from standing seam metal roofing manufacturers. Ask for details and specifications.
  • Look online for some standing seam roofing sites to guide you with the proper information on color selection. Such websites also provide photos that can inspire you.
  • Consider the overall architectural design of your building. It must complement the color of your metal roof.
  • The cost of standing seam metal roofing is unfortunately high. Steel standing seam roofing may be bought and installed at a price of about $7 to $10 per square foot, while aluminum standing seam may cost about $9 to $11 per square foot. But on a good note, you can actually save money in long-term with this metal roofing type. Because it requires no maintenance, you will no longer need to spend too much money repairing and repainting the roof, and you won’t need to replace your roof after every five years! Metal roofs, as we all know, are extremely durable!

Indeed this type of metal roof is hardwearing and resistant. But in order to make sure that your new roof will last long, the installation must be done only by a professional. Although the Internet provides us with many Do-it-Yourself methods to install metal roofs, we should remember that only professional service-providers know how to get the work done in the best way possible.

roof replacement

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Metal Roof

Using Metal as a Lifetime Roofing Option

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. The roof serves as the house covering and provides shelter from rain, snow, heat, wind, sunlight, and animals. When building a house, it is important to decide on the best materials for the roof to make sure that the house is well protected and secured.

There may option for roof materials; one option is using metal roofing. Metal roofs are popular because not only do they look attractive but also lasts longer than other roofing options. They offer only minimal maintenance and are also energy efficient. Metal roofs are also durable depending on the types of metal roofs such as tin, aluminum, copper or steel. Metal roofs are also safe as they are not that flammable compared with other roofs. Not only energy efficient but they are also environmentally friendly.

types of metal roofs

Metal roofing options and cost depends on the type of roof chosen. As mentioned before metal roofs differ in material, not only that they also differ in design and shape. Metal roofing options include:

  • Metal Shingle Roof – this type of metal roofing is the most common. It has a distinct look and is weather tight. It is has a classic type of look and is easy to install.
  • Metal Tile Roof – this type of metal roofing is very durable and is available in a wide range of colors designs. The metal tiles come in attractive designs ideal for building attractive houses.
  • Metal Shake Roof – this type of metal roofing is an alternative to using the wooden shake for roofs. It has an authentic wooden look that offers durability and longevity that of metal.
  • Vertical Panel Roof – this type of metal roofing is most popular among the other options. Because it is not only durable, it is also cheap and available in many different colors.

Average cost for metal roofing

The average cost for metal roofing is about $5.50 and $12.00 per square foot installed according to Sarah Rubino at Metro Area Construction. The average metal shingle roof is between $7.00 to $10.00 per square foot installed. Of course, the cost will greatly depend on the type, and design one wants to be installed. Aside from that costs also vary per manufacturer, so it is best to look for the best deal in the market.

Using metal as a roofing option in building houses is a wise decision when it comes to building houses. Choosing metal roofs provides not only lifetime protection to the house but also is attractive and has energy saving features that one can benefit. Metal roofs come in different colors and designs and are known to promote overall home energy efficiency. It is also environmentally friendly and cost-efficient as a roofing option. Metal roofs can be installed over existing roofs, reducing the cost of removing and disposing of old roofs. It is also durable able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, snow storms, hail, and wildfires. Metal roofing options and cost are highly recommended when seeking affordable and long lasting house roofing options.

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How To Quickly Address Mold Problems?

mold restoration and remediation
mold restoration and remediation services

The very moment you spot mold growth on the walls, you are sure to go crazy. You would want to call the best mold removal service to get the mold removed from the walls. But, if you need to hire the right professional at the best price, you need to know the basic concepts about mold removal and mold remediation. Both are more or less the same thing and it is to remove the mold problem in your building. The mold removal is a basic process of getting the mod removed from the building. But, mold remediation is a process that will need the help of experts to remove the mold and to treat the affected areas so that mold growth does not happen again. Once you spot the mold, you should immediately take care of it. The following are some of the quick actions that will help in quickly remediating the mold problems.

Know about the moisture

The mold can sometimes be an invisible intruder in your home. You should know that mold will put its neck through only if the walls or your ceilings retain moisture. Moisture is the main reason for mold growth and hence you should know from where the moisture is coming from and how it is getting access to the walls and the ceilings. Some homes even have mold caused from leaks in the roof. This is where the best mold removal experts will be of great help as they can locate the source of moisture and take necessary action to prevent the moisture from resurfacing. If you need a complete roof replacement, you can find reliable contractors by doing your research online.

Prepare a mold remediation plan

It is very important to document the mold development in your home. It can be done by making a note of where the development has taken place, also capture the mold development in your camera and if possible take video of the mold. This will be very helpful for the mold remediation experts to prepare a proper remediation plan to treat the mold and to prevent it from occurring again. The severity of the mold growth will determine the kind of treatment that needs to be applied. Hence, asking the expert about the type of work they would be doing, the duration it would take, the experts who will be performing the remediation process and also if homeowner temporary relocation is needed is advised. This is important so that you get a plan of the remediation work and you know how the experts will be going about in getting rid of the mold.

The remediation process

The first step will be to clean up the existing mold in the home and this will be done by experts in mold removal. They will take all the necessary precautions and safety measures to themselves as well as the homeowners before they start the mold removal. The following are some of the processes involved in the mold remediation.

  • The water problem areas will be identified and repaired.
  • The contaminated areas of the home will be isolated and every door and windows will be closed so that the contamination does not spread.
  • The dust from the contaminated areas will be suppressed by misting.
  • All the damaged, porous materials will be collected, put in plastic bags and discarded.
  • The damaged surfaces will be cleaned, dried and replaced.

This completes the mold remediation process.


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Latest Trends That Home Buyers Are Looking For Online

home buyer trendsGone are the days when people were ready to buy homes that could provide them shelter and protection only. These days, the concept of homes has changed and everyone is looking to buy homes that are modern and contemporary when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Trending designs are the in-thing that new home buyers are looking at, and this is why we see all the modern day builders and architects coming out with unique and attractive looking homes to suit the home style cravings of the buyer. By using all the trendy designs and styles, the market value of the property is at a high. But, people are ready to invest in such real estates as they know that it will yield higher returns after a few years.

Current Home Buyer Search Trends

The home design trends keep changing from time to time and sometimes every year. The following are some of the looks and designs that home experts believe are the latest hot selling trends in the home buying industry.

Stationary Bars

There is not much of importance given to the rolling bars. These days every homeowner is looking for a fixed bar in his home so that they have a great place to entertain their friends. These inbuilt bars appeal to everyone and also increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. There need not be an exclusive bar room in a home, but one idle lying wall in the room can be converted into a small bar with spaces provided for stocking liquor. It can also have cabinetry to store some kitchenware and certain bar accessories so that everything related to the bar can be accessed from one area.

Use of Marble(s)

Even though granite is one of the most preferred surfaces by many homeowners because of its durability and stain resistant features, the demand for white marbles, in particular, is picking up. They give brightness to every room and the white marbles with gray grains add a special attraction and uniqueness to any room. The use of marbles as kitchen countertops, dining tops, bathrooms, washbasin countertop, floors, home accessories and fireplaces are on the rise these days. They will easily give the wow factors that you are looking for your home.

Home Office Area

The Home office is the latest trend that you find in the list of all the younger generation home buyers. They will only be looking for homes that have an office space on offer. With more and more people now preferring to work from home and the concept of working from homes is picking up all over the world, people would look to buy properties that have the home office setup. Having a dedicated space to work without any disturbances will help the owner to be more focused and concentrated on his or her work. This will allow them to have Skype calls with their clients, carry out video chats, prepare a presentation, plan for business meetings, etc.

Some of the other latest trends that young homebuyers are looking for are a good location, open floor plan and energy efficient and low maintenance homes.

Few Queries Should be Asked Before Hiring Raleigh Roofers

Over time, what was considered a handsome home may have become an old property that is undesirable. Is your home in touch with modern design tastes? Roof repair in Raleigh, North Carolina covers a variety of flaws, such as shingles that are worn smooth, holes, missing parts or regular wear and tear that comes with having an old roof. As your roof ages, it loses its ability to protect your home from weather, animal infestation and extreme temperatures. Having a roof that is visibly deteriorated can even drop the value of your home. That’s why you should hire the best Raleigh roofers to handle your fixes.

raleigh nc roofers

Make Your Home a Better Place

So, there are few things which can make our Raleigh, NC home more visually alluring, such as- flooring, paint on the walls, things which we keep in showcase, and few others. The most important aspect of our every building or home is its roof. A building without a roof is like a flower without fragrance. A roof is an essential part because of its functionality. Functionality is that it protects the people who are living inside from dust, mites, storm, rain, harsh weather. Therefore, roof plays a crucial role for every home.

You can surface your roof with a neutral coat of paint looks much more stylish than outdated wood paneling. Non-expert will not be accomplished task impeccably but professionals of years of experience and knowledge which make them do this task flawlessly.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Raleigh Roofers

There are few queries which should be asked before hiring roofing services to the contractors, those questions are given below:

1. Licensed contractors: most of the times, people overlook this question that whether the contractors have a proper license or not. This question is for to be asked from the contractors because of safety purpose. Licensed contractors provide trustworthy roofers, they make sure that if there is any damage caused by them then, they will compensate it thoroughly without causing any inconvenience to the seekers. They will also provide the service only by using ethical ways.

Apart from this if any worker falls from the roof then, the seeker will not be responsible for injury and loss. The concerned roofing company will take care of all the things, whether it’s the medical loss or other damages.

2. Removal of old roofing before the installation of new one: This question is mandatory to be asked to the contractors that whether they are going to remove the old roofing before installing new one. Removal of old roof is significant to save money and time in future. Qualified Raleigh roofing companies will take time in removing old roofing then, install new one. if the new roofing install on the old one then, it will not be effective.

3. Warranty providers: will you provide warranty on the roofing service? This question should be asked because if any damage happens to the roof then, it will be their responsibility to mend that damage. Most of the Raleigh roofing companies render warranty of 25 years.

Thus, it is necessary to hire residential roofing contractors in Spring for efficient services. Most companies render contractors at cost-effective pricing without any hassle. They will handle every task carefully without causing any mistake.



The Benefits of a Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

A homeowner will be ready to invest thousands of dollars to get the interiors and the exteriors of their homes spruced up. They are ready to invest their hard earned money to improve the surrounding area of their home, to carry out landscaping, install a fountain, a rock garden, etc. The homeowners are always on the lookout to improve the value of their properties. But, one of the most important and critical things about the home that is overlooked by most of the homeowners is the roof. If you have an old cedar shake roof, it may be time for a roof replacement. Here are best cedar shake roof replacement options and questions you should ask before installation.

cedar shake roof replacement


What is the Value of Your Cedar Shake Roof?

The main purpose why cedar shake roofs are fitted in homes is to protect the building and the contents and other essentials inside the building from various exterior elements. With a proper roof over your head, you need not worry about heavy rain, snow, hail, tree branches and even animal attacks. A composite cedar roof will help by reducing the efficiency of an HVAC unit as it will help in retaining the cool air inside the home during the summers and warmer air during the winter season. If you find that the roof is not able to handle its responsibilities well, then it is time for carrying out roof maintenance. A proper roof will help in keeping the building structure intact for many years. If the roof over your head is 20 to 25 years old, then you should surely think of going for a roof replacement.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

The first thing that comes to your mind whenever you think of a cedar shake roof replacement is the huge amount that you need to invest. There is no doubt that the cost of roof replacement is daunting, but there are many benefits that you will enjoy by carrying out roof replacement. The benefits will justify the cost of the replacement.

Saves the building structure

Over time the roofing structure will weaken. To prevent damage to the entire building structure and to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to rectify the whole building, there is no harm to spend just a few thousands of dollars to replace the roof. This will help in saving the building structure.

Increases building value

A new roof will add great value to an old house and will also help in enhancing the look of the home. The new roof will be still under warranty and homeowners do not have to worry about roof leaks and maintenance for a few years. The homeowners can expect to receive a large amount of money that they invested in a roof when they are selling their property, compared to a very little addition in value that they will receive for re-painting the home or for re-carpeting the floors.

Hire the best roofing expert

If you are ready to carry out a shake roof replacement in your home, you should ensure that you hire the best roof replacement company in your area. Adam B. at Brava Roof Tile said, “Do some research on the best roofing contractors in your area by checking out their years of service, quality of work and talking to a few previous clients will help in choosing the right roof replacement contractor.”




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