A house is not just a building or a construction; it is a shelter. This being so, it is important to use a strong and protective type of metal roofing for one’s house to preserve the sanctuary of people living in it. If you are aiming to construct a house that indeed shelters people from the sun and nasty weather, then installing standing seam metal roofing can be one of the greatest options.

A standing seam roofing system is composed of upright panels of metal, where each panel has two seams that are positioned vertically. When these seams are pressed together, the joint is sealed, which also avoids water leaks from the roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

This system is composed of hard-wearing metal roofing materials like aluminum, copper metal shingles and stainless steel, which are used by a lot of architects because of their durability and resistance to harmful environmental forces. They are fire-resistant and waterproof. But despite this, the standing seam roofing is still lightweight. As a matter of fact, most standing seam roofing manufacturers claim that their products can last to more than half a century given that they are installed properly under the supervision of professional service-providers. Like other metal roofs, it does not require monthly maintenance because it offers years of trouble-free performance.

Standing seam galvanized metal roofing is also corrosion resistant. Metal roof panels are coated with aluminum, zinc or aluminum-zinc alloy to help prevent rusting.

Another benefit of this type of roofing system is the fact that standing seam roofs are available in a wide range of attractive colors. Not only do these colors make the roof stylish, they also pave way for better heat conduction. By using light-colored metal roofing colors, heat is minimized. This is because light-colored Energy Star rated roofs can reflect back heat coming from the sun.

There are different attractive color choices for your standing seam metal roofing. Some of the popular colors are patina green (inspired from the natural look of copper roofs!), terracotta, sandstone, solar white, regal white, hemlock green, colonial red, burgundy, sierra tan, slate gray, dark bronze, matted black, silver and copper (this time – the bronze look of new copper!).

A lot of commercial buildings are frequently installed with blue-colored standing seam because of the attractive design and heat-conducting ability. However, if you want to attract more customers for your own business, you may want to install a bright-colored metal roof. This roof is easily noticeable and it may be used as a landmark that your clients can use to locate your building.

Residential buildings, on the other hand, often use simpler, neutral colors. This is because they do not want to attract too much attention in the neighborhood, most especially among thieves.

Here are some relevant tips on choosing the best standing seam metal roofing for your building:

  • Seek advice from standing seam metal roofing manufacturers. Ask for details and specifications.
  • Look online for some standing seam roofing sites to guide you with the proper information on color selection. Such websites also provide photos that can inspire you.
  • Consider the overall architectural design of your building. It must complement the color of your metal roof.
  • The cost of standing seam metal roofing is unfortunately high. Steel standing seam roofing may be bought and installed at a price of about $7 to $10 per square foot, while aluminum standing seam may cost about $9 to $11 per square foot. But on a good note, you can actually save money in long-term with this metal roofing type. Because it requires no maintenance, you will no longer need to spend too much money repairing and repainting the roof, and you won’t need to replace your roof after every five years! Metal roofs, as we all know, are extremely durable!

Indeed this type of metal roof is hardwearing and resistant. But in order to make sure that your new roof will last long, the installation must be done only by a professional. Although the Internet provides us with many Do-it-Yourself methods to install metal roofs, we should remember that only professional service-providers know how to get the work done in the best way possible.

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